Weekly Activities.

Every week we have a range of activities available for our team.

We offer a range of daily activities which you can take part in with the favourite being Friday’s Pub Night!

Fitness Fanatics.

We were so excited to launch our Fitness Fanatics program in 2023! We started training at Avalon Beach and now we are at Apex Park in Mona Vale on Tuesdays and Fridays. 

We love getting together, in the outdoors, training and getting strong. 

We can support tailored personal training plans and if you have any concerns about this, please let us know. You can participate in the capacity you are comfortable with.  

Friday Pub Night.

Our favourite night of the week! 

Friday Pub Night is a time for us all to come together after a big week, enjoy a beer and a burger, celebrate each others birthdays and what everyone got up to that week. 

It is also an awesome chance to meet the crew if you are new to the CMcare community. 

We often go to multiple locations on Friday nights spread across the Northern Beaches. We will have some exciting news about this weekly activity in 2024, so stay tuned! 


Our Super Saturdays and Sunday Fundays are arguably another favourite. We go to see exciting musicals, movies, attractions and much more! 

We have something new every weekend to look forward to!

These activities work off our support ratios as well as being carefully planned with our CMcare community. 

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