Empower Living.

Empower Living is a new program kick starting CMcare's housing programs at Avalon & Manly and coming soon to Mona Vale!

This program aims to give our community houses to learn independence and to live externally from their parents. We have short and long term options operating off a waitlist. 


This program underneath the umbrella of CMcare features housing options for our community offering respite, short and long term options. 

Within this program, we provide support for every day living, cooking, cleaning, appointments, employment and much more.

All our houses offer at least 2 bedrooms which means you get to hang out with your friends as well as being in this program!

During your onboarding, we go through your goals and objectives and we work together to curate a plan that best suits you. 

As a group of young individuals, we understand the important of support and empowerment between friends, family and colleagues. We strive to provide our community with the empowerment to live an independent life filled with adventure, fun and friends. 


Yes we offer housing and living options, however, we believe its vital to our happiness to live a full life which includes lots of parties and hanging out. 

We are one big family and love our themed parties, weekly nights out and hanging out with our friends doing cool things! 

Our goal is to create a powerful community who live life to the fullest every day! 

Interested in joining this program?

Submit an enquiry and let us know where you are at!