About us.

About us

Welcome to CMcare, where Courtney and Max, the dynamic duo behind the scenes with a big team of support workers, are reshaping the landscape of disability support with passion, dedication and a fresh perspective.

our values

We're reshaping disability support through inclusivity, positivity and personalised care. We empower individuals to lead life on their terms, fostering a dynamic community driven by compassion and innovation.

our staff

Our support team consists of bright and compassionate individuals, primarily young, who are deeply passionate about the industry. Committed to providing everyone with the opportunity to experience life to the fullest, our team brings energy, kindness, and dedication to every interaction.

Where it started.

After years of working within a government-run support service, Courtney and Max realised the need for a change. With their close connections to individuals with disabilities and an unwaveringly positive and active outlook on life, they decided to embark on a journey that would redefine disability support services and give everyone the same opportunities in life.

Founded four years ago, CMcare started as a small initiative with friends and family as the first clients. Today, it has blossomed into a thriving community that goes beyond disability support. 

Where it is today.

Through an inspiring Instagram account, CMcare opens a window into the vibrant and impactful adventures they undertake. This platform not only keeps everyone connected but also serves as a testament to the positive spirit that drives the heart of CMcare. It’s not just a service; it’s a community that celebrates every triumph, big or small.

At CMcare, we believe in the power of connection, the strength of community, being able to live independently and the potential for positive change. Join us on this incredible journey as we continue to challenge stereotypes, break down barriers and create a world where everyone is valued and supported.

Thank you for being a part of the CMcare family. Together, we’re redefining what it means to provide disability support—one adventure at a time.

Meet our team.

Our team is made up of young and passionate support workers who adore their work and love making a difference in the lives of our CMcare team. We are always looking for new members to join our team and if you think this could be you, submit an enquiry and tell us a bit about you!