1:1 Support

At the centre of CMcare's offerings, we have our 1:1 support, available every day.

We take pride in the special relationships created between our participants and our support workers. Our support ranges from 1:1 up to 1:4 ratios for friends to hang out together. Join to get started today!


At CMcare, we recognise that each participant has unique needs and goals. During the onboarding process, we take the time to understand what each participant hopes to achieve through our services. Based on this, we tailor our support to meet their individual needs. Our team of support workers are passionate and dedicated to helping participants achieve their goals.

Relationship Management.

We carefully pair each participant with a support worker who is well-suited to their needs and preferences and we rotate support workers regularly to ensure that participants have the opportunity to form special relationships with multiple members of our team.

Our aim is to create a supportive environment where participants can flourish and achieve their full potential.

We are always looking for ways to improve and enhance the support we offer, so that participants can get the most out of their experience with CMcare.

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